Does your spin cycle come with WiFi?


WiFi insanity has gone to the very extreme – now there is a company which is offering WiFi Internet Access in laundromats. I am sure people would carry their laptops to the laundry-spots along with their dirty loads.

bq. Serynade Wireless of San Francisco hopes to make the wait more tolerable. At least it would be if you’ve brought along your Wi-Fi equipped PDA or laptop. The company announced that it’s now making available to laundromats nationwide a full hotspot setup kit. For a cost of around $700 per location (more or less, it depends upon location and other factors), a laundromat that can get or already has a broadband connection like cable modem or DSL can start letting waiting customers online. If the laundry doesn’t have broadband, Serynade will help them get it. [ ISP Planet ]

Now this would add further confusion to the age-old mystery – the missing sock!

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