Is Google the next Microsoft?


The Inquirer hits Google with a left right combination, and then an upper cut. In other words, none of the “Google Is God” crap in this article, where the UK daily makes a very good point about Google’s monopolistic status and there are not too many options when it comes to web-search.

bq. This cloying, worshipping, fawning fountain of positive press is way too good to be true. Google’s PR people have put in overtime working Jedi Mind Tricks on the mainstream media. For that, I bow to them, and admire their cunning.

A more fearful, and more dire future is painted by anti-google group, Google Watch.

bq. Google is easily top dog. They provide about 75 percent of the external referrals for most websites. There is no point in putting up a website apart from Google. It’s do or die with Google. If we’re all very lucky, one of the other three will offer some competition within a year or two. If we’re not lucky, we will be uploading our websites to Google’s servers by then, much like the bloggers do at (which was bought by Google in 2003). It would mean the end of the web as we know it.

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