Ackerman ready to sleep with the enemy


bq. “The technology cycle is now so much shorter than the regulatory cycle that
the regulations are never going to catch up to this technology now.” Duane Ackerman of BellSouth in an interview with New York Post

In an amazingly candid interview with Ben Silverman, editor of DotcomScoop and a long time friend of ours, Ackerman discusses technology, regulation and the new realities of telecom business. This is the first story I have read where a Baby Bell CEO has been straight-up about his business and life in telecomville in general.

bq. “The regulators will have to step aside – they need to step aside now. It is up to us in the industry, as well as others, to begin raising these questions. The evidence will continue to grow that it is time to back out
[of regulation].”

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