Typepad it is…


For past six weeks or so I have been experimenting with the new Typepad service, hoping to overcome some sort of server problems I am having with the old moveabletype install on my old server. It was crashing, and was failing to regenerate pages. No one it seems had an answer for why I was getting the 500 server error.

In many ways, it was a sign – time to find a new host for my website! TypePad fits the bill. It is easy to use, simple to modify, powerful enough and since I am not a perl expert, relatively simple to modify. I have to say, the only this which is annoying about this service is the skimpy bandwidth the bundle with the Pro version of the service – 3 GB. With most hosting companies offering five time the storage space and bandwidth for less than $10 a month, I think Six Apart folks should seriously reconsider offering more.

Another minor scuttlebutt – what if Six Apart gets sold (Will be thrilled for the founders) to someone like say Yahoo, what is my option – scramble for another service. I would rather walk over burning coals before I give my dollars to a Yahoo, AOL or Microsoft.

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