Greg Chappell on Sachin, Lara and Waugh

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Frontline has a fantastic interview with Greg Chappell. The Aussie great is talking about everyone from Shane Warne, Steve Waugh, Sachin Tendular, Sunil Gavaskar, and Ricky Ponting. Read and Enjoy! By the way here is what he had to say about Sachin.

Nobody has such pressure on him as Sachin Tendulkar has from an expectation point of view. Apart from a few injury lay-offs, he’s stuck with us the whole way through. Brian has taken a couple of sabbaticals. I think Sachin is a more resilient character. Brian is a fine player but if I were to rate them, I would have Sachin higher. Sachin has a lot more riding on him than anyone else in Test cricket, apart from Don Bradman.

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“Bus nam he khaffi hey” (read in hindi)
No doubt Sachin is the best among all playing cricketers.

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