And now for a real text sex scandal

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Like Kobe, Warne is feeling the heatGuess not many people this side of the pond know who Shane Warne is but, there is word that the tough Aussie spinner has been sending lewd text messages and making dirty calls to a South African mother of three.

bq. Helen Cohen Alon made her allegations in a Johannesburg newspaper, the Sunday Times. Cohen Alon claimed that she met Warne when he was in South Africa on tour with Australia in February 2002. She claimed further that the cricketer frequently called her, sent lewd text messages and that she was offered money to keep quiet about her relationship with Warne.

Apparently she was offered about $42,000 to keep her mouth shut, reports the Australian.

bq. Cricket365 reports that she has accused Warne of calling her up to 40 times “saying he wanted me” and sending her text messages telling her he was lying in bed next to his wife, Simone, but “thinking naughty thoughts about me.”

Funny how she went back to his room with him, just like Kobe and did not want to have sex.

bq. “The moment he laid eyes on me, he was interested,” she said. “He said I had a ‘nice-looking ass’, and asked me for my number. I gave it to him.” Ms Cohen Alon claimed she went on several dates with Warne and twice went to his hotel room, where they kissed “lightly”. She said she wouldn’t have sex with him because he was married, The Australian reports.

In case anyone is interested, Shane Warne was earlier accused of taking banned steroids, and was disbarred from playing cricket. He is hoping for a comeback.

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In June 2000 I set Shane Warne up and he lost his captaincy. Ha. We had phone sex and he left me a few voicemail messages and we arranged to meet but I pulled the plug to a tabloid paper and blamed it all on him. I got my fifteen thousand for the story

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