People’s Republic of California – redux


A few weeks ago on the eve of war in Iraq I was in San Francisco – protests were violent and frequent, making me wonder if California Republic was really People’s Republic of California. Socialist state in a not so socialist society?

Well last week’s events have made me even more convinced that world’s fifth largest economy is certainly a broken state. $38 billion in deficits and a recall of the governor Davis, and recent decision by a certain Viennese bodybuilder to throw his steroids in the ring have me convinced that California is on the verge of becoming a “Banana Republic” (Paul Krugman thinks so!)

bq. Arnold Seeks to Terminate Davis
No Gray Area: Terminator Is Running
Arnold Accuses Davis of True Lies
Can He Jingle All the Way to Sacramento?
Voters Pump Arnold Up
Terminator Terminated

For more headlines go to Brendan Loy

The dumbness of the new Republicans (can we please turn back the clock to 1950s please!) is going to cost California about $70 million in election related costs. Now this recall-shtick can be repeated any number of times. Reminds me of a state in India called Bihar – a disaster if there was any.

I wonder California is going that way as well.

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