You’ve Been Bundled: Unbundling AOL


Why won’t AOL unbundle its content pieces and sell them separately to consumers? This, in essence is the billion dollar question…a question which not even AOL has an answer to…it took a huge leap of imagination (for the company) to start offering “Bring Your Own Access”…unbundling access from content. Besides the financial concerns, it all comes down to control…what AOL needs is iTuning…what Apple did with the music industry…giving the choice decision over to the users.

Jeff Jarvis has hit the nail on the head with this: “AOL is stuck with its old model — one big size fits all — and its numbers are declining as a result. Broadband growth is only adding to the pain. If AOL made it a goal to sell all of us something and have a billing relationship with more and more people it would start to grow again.”

Related: story: Carlos Silva, VP of AOL for Broadband, says that if the numerous new features were offered “a la carte,” or individually [on AOL 9.0], they would cost over $100 compared AOL’s $15 broadband bundle.

AOL 9.0: Not Ready for Broadband

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