Yahoo, Dotcoms Outpace Traditional Giants in Info Market


Cut through the PR etc, and this has some interesting results: Yahoo and other more nimble upstarts are beating the traditional giants of information content industry at their own game, according to the new research by Outsell. Upstarts like Yahoo and Ask Jeeves are beating out traditional heavyweights such as Reed Elsevier, Thomson, and Pearson, based on financial performance.

The top-performing category of companies–in the 100 Information content companies Outsell looks at–is the aggregator segment, led by search-based companies Yahoo, LookSmart, and Ask Jeeves.

The search players, tied to the booming open Web, or the market research firms, who earn their money by supporting tactical, targeted decision making by individuals and departments with healthy budgets, are winning. The losers are the firms tied to chronically shrinking library and R&D budgets, and the IT research players who serve cost-conscious CIOs and IT departments in a post-Internet boom era.

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