iVillage Acquires gURL.com From Primedia


Seems like iVillage wants to move down the age scale: iVillage has acquired gURL.com teen site from Primedia, for an undisclosed amount.

iVillage will acquire gURL.com, its trademarks, URLs, intellectual property and key contracts. Key members of gURL.com’s staff, including co-founders Esther Drill and Heather McDonald, will join iVillage.

The site gURL has some history: it was founded in 1996, out of NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. This is the third time it has changed ownership: it was bought out by Delia’s in December 1997, who in 2001 sold it to Primedia (On another note, Delia’s was itself bought out recently by Alloy. All this Silicon Alley consolidation…brings back memories…)

Watch out for iVillage’s Q2 earnings announcement tommorow…


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gURLs Online and Out Loud: a 1998 story on gURL.com, when it was still independent.

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