B2.0 Tries A 2-Minute Time Trick


As Jonathan Dube mentioned yesterday, CNN.com continues to link to articles from family site Business 2.0, which has closed off its site completely to print subscribers recently. The stories linked from CNN.com appear to be free for non-subscribers…but wait. A source in Time Inc told me that the free links only work for two minutes…which is why all the B2.0 stories have now been broken into chunks and have multiple pages…if say you are on the second page of a 3 page story, and your two minutes are up, as soon as you click on the link for the third page, you will encounter a subscription wall…I tried it and its true…(on Opera, it seems they work for 4-5 minutes!)

The idea, according to the Time Inc source, is to catch the readers midway through the story when they are engaged enough in the story to pay up…


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