Ring Ring Ringtone da money


My money come in lumps, my pockets got the mumps
You see me sitting on dubs, that’s why u mad chump
Poor Lil Rich, 50 Cent

Just like 50 Cent, it seems ringtones are minting money these days. Why am I not surprised – I download almost ten new tunes every month just to keep my phone singing a new tune every day. Strategy Analytics, the global research and consulting company, today released a new report, “Real Music Ringtones: Changing Dynamics In The $4 Billion Ringtone Market.” This means more money in the pockets of companies such as BMG, Sony Music, EMI, Warner Chappell and Universal. And these whinny weasels were complaining about losing money to piracy. Sometime technology is a good thing – the record companies simply are too boneheaded to understand it.

“Over the next five years, as demand evolves from monophonic reproductions of musical tunes to sample music based on copyright master recordings, the ringtone market is set for consolidation. Major record companies will move to strengthen their position by acquiring ringtone production companies, or setting up their own, in-house production studios, while continuing to act as licensors.” Strategy Analytics Senior Analyst, Nitesh Patel.

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