Jupiter Plug.IN: Keynote: Peter Lowe, Apple


(speaker bio): The way to go after illegal file sharing services is to compete with them…go after their weaknesses. The reason why people used these services is instant gratification: for most of the people who use file sharing, it is more about flexibility and not about free…we aim to take advantages of weaknesses of illegal sharing services: unreliable encoding; bad connection; no previews; wrong music; no album cover art; and at the end of the day, it is stealing. Which is bad karma!

We fundamentally believe subscriptions are the wrong path…that’s not what consumers are doing offline…they want to buy downloads.

If digital distribution is about one thing, it is about being simple…as simple as a CD player…and it needs to be consistent….take the “but” out of it.

We believe Web is not the best interface to enjoy music…

Apple for Windows is on track to launch by the end of this year…Usage rules for Windows version of iTunes: certainly it is our intention to have the broad music rights…

Out of all our iTunes sales, 46 percent has been sold as albums..the disintegration of the album has not happened, contrary to what people are saying…

First independent artists is now available on iTunes: starting today, Moby is on iTunes…unique and exclusive content from artists have been working very well for us, something others should consider.

We have sold 300,000 new iPods since the launch of iTunes music service…total iPods sold now is a million.

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