Jupiter Plug.IN: Billboard Roundtable: A View from the Top


(panel agenda and speaker bios): Charles Goldstuck, President and COO, RCA Music Group: As the market place declines, we have to find a way to replace the last margin…we need to ensure to foster the growth of digital market. iTunes gave us a great lesson: we have to take risks…for the first time in three years, you see external funding coming into the music business…up until now the big five had to put up all the money.

John Rose, Exec. VP, EMI Group: Major labels need to cater to all of the products and services that comprise the digital market, be it one click of the mouse or one button on the mobile phone. We now have the critical mass of content out there..

Eric Weisman, CEO of Alliance Entertainment: There’s no quick fix out there…the problem came to us over the last 10 years, so it will take time. Ultimately the physical sale of product will be substituted….those who are going to be successful will have to deal with the physical and digital trendlines.

David Goldberg, VP & GM, Music, Yahoo: We are providing a tremendous alternative than the consolidation going on in the radio market…we are one of the largest radio stations in U.S. today. We have a great business to help record companies, helping them market their artists and albums, and that helps them break the tyranny of the consolidation of the traditional radio business…

Alan McGlade, CEO, MusicNet: The pendulum has swinged back and forth between a la carte downloads and subscriptions over the last year, and now it is in the favor of the former. I suspect it will swing back…it will take time for consumers to figure out what works for them, and what models they settle with…my view is that combinations will work that meets all their needs…

Goldberg: Apple did a great thing by hiding the DRM from the users…if a legitimate consumer has paid 99 cents, let him have it unprotected…why make a legitimate consumer go through more hassle, when there are tons of other file sharing things going on…if DRM doesn’t exist on a CD, why should have it on portable devices?

Rose: You will find in the short to medium term, there will be a relaxation of those stringent control…you have to do that for PC based services to succeed…if we have 4-5 major services launching and the sales are anemic, then it will really be the death blow…

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