Jupiter Plug.IN: Technology’s Role In The New Music Marketplace


(panel agenda and speaker bio): David Frerichs, VP and US GM, Coding Technologies: The problem isn’t of technology…technology is inevitable…there will be ways to lock down technology…but there’s always going to some way to get around that…

Ron Stone, Co-Founder and President, Gold Mountain Entertainment: The solution is definitely technological…I believe technology exists to protect copyright.

Vance Ikezoye, CEO, Audible Magic Corporation: Technologists alone cannot solve the problem…our style is we build this technology, and say “Isn’t this great?”, and I am not sure it work with music business.

Jan Steenkamp, CEO, Entriq: We need to set unique selling proposition…iTunes came out of nowhere…in Pay TV, people said movies and sports…that’s what we need to do. The thing we need to do it monetize the packaging…

Jan: We need to recognize that micropayments for kids needs to be resolved…

Broes: DRM is still not there…it is not as dynamic…DMS is not going to be successful as a security solution…maybe as an authentication platform.

Jan: We start with the approach that all businesses will be pirated…and we did that with Pay TV…I think more and more people will understand that conditional access is an ongoing process….

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