Jupiter Plug.IN: New Music Marketplaces


(panel agenda and speaker bio): Philip Wiser, CTO, Sony Music Entertainment: Portability is a key. Can wireless stand alone as a separate platform, that is a question to be answered.

Nada Usina, General Manager, Nokia Media & Entertainment Business Unit, Americas: One thing we see is life going wireless…I am not sure any platform stands alone…how it breeds across all platform is what is important. For wireless, flexibility is a key advantage we have.

Steve Schnur,Worldwide Executive of Music and Audio, Electronic Arts: Video game soundtrack has to evolve from what it is now to being a DVD experience…it has to be a experience..

Usina: You will see that users will be able to customize soundtracks into video games…not just the 12 you package along with it…

Andrew Rasiej, Co-Founder and Chairman, DCN: People spend more money on live music than on recorded music…and through various technologies it would be possible to get access to it. Artists will be in direct touch with fans..and the venue will be live concerts. So there’s more to music industry than just gadgets…live music will be a whole industry into itself.

The conference coverage is sponsored by Entriq.

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