Jupiter Plug.IN: Keynote: Jim Griffin, CEO, Cherry Lane Digital


(Speaker bio): Copyright is copy risk…copyright is not an endless right to own everything. There’s some amount of risk in giving copyrights to consumers…monetization is far more actuarial, than actual. By using pools of money, and use fair means of sharing that money, we will get there.

We don’t need all the answers, or the answers to be set in stone.

Who is going to pay for music? That’s the tough question…we may call them thieves, but that’s not productive. What we are left with is persuasion…where is the locus of payment? The digital door is the correct place to extract the payment…I think ISPs should not be exempt from the payment value chain…this is most convenient payment door. This money can be moved into pools and then passed onto artists. A civilized society, cannot, for a long term, tolerate the payment for artists to be voluntary. Representation without taxation is as abhorrent as taxation without representation…it horrifies me. It removes the underpinnings of the industry.

That is where we are today: payment for art is voluntary. DRM companies are part of the problems..their technology is not up to the mark.

No control means price falls at or below the marginal cost of delivery

What we are left with is selling a service…our future is not about selling songs or albums, unless the prducts we are talking about the ancilliary products like T-shirts at concerts. Unless we condition the acess, and the question is where do we do that…this has to be at the digital door.

All of the wrong people in the digital media are trying to solve the problem…technologists and lawyers are not going to come a solution. It is the business people who have to come to terms…

The technologists have been lying to the industry all this time…we as technologists know we cannot condition access to digits and content…we only say this so that Hollywood gives us their content…

We need an actuarial solution: we need a pool of money, and we need a fair share. What we need is not perfection, but balance

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