Jupiter Plug.IN: Analysis: Creating Digital Music Commerce Panel


(We are running analysis of the event from Jacob Kaldenbaugh, founder of Harvest Equity Research, an independent digital media research firm) Leaders from 3 of the larger music streaming services are in attendance…Interestingly, there isn’t much difference in how they view the world.

All three have commented that there are two basic consumption models —
passive (internet radio listening) and active (music purchase)
. There
doesn’t appear to be much differentiation between the service offerings
as they are presenting them. It will be interesting to see if we see
greater differentiation going-forward. It’s very apparent that the real
competition between these services is currently centering on marketing
channels and technology platform choice. It’s interesting that the one
major service that isn’t represented, Apple’s iTunes, doesn’t have a
streaming radio service
(that I’m aware of).

Also interesting is Tsvi Gal’s continued disparagement of the free music distribution channels. He has used the word “steal” approximately 11 times so far when discussing the free music sharing platforms. Obviously, there are still attitudes within the major labels that haven’t joined the digital music wagon

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