Electronic Arts and AOL’s Deal Details


In a story on EA Q2 results, the company reveals that conslidation EA.com into the main company has cut down the costs, though it declined to break out specific figures.

Interestingly, Warren Jenson, EA’s CFO said that the company’s new deal with AOL, struck during the June quarter, to provide game content to AOL subscribers eliminated about two years’ worth of payments EA would have otherwise made to AOL for access to its users. “(We went) from paying for access to now being paid for our content,” he said.

For more details on EA-AOL deal, see the News.com story: “The AOL deal has been considered a contributing factor for ongoing losses by EA’s online division, which includes casual games offered through Pogo.com and subscription games such as “The Sims Online.” EA recently stopped reporting separate financial results for the online division and now folds the numbers in with its overall results.”

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