More on InfoGate: AOL To Integrate It Within AOL Communicator


(read this note first: AOL Buys InfoGate): AOL, which quietly bought InfoGate in March, is testing to integrate the push software into its new AOL Communicator e-mail client, according to a BusinessWeek story (subscription required)…the technology will be used to add [former PointCast] features such as a screen saver and a ticker with data ranging from stock quotes to sports scores.

This probably explains what the Netscape application developers–who were transferred from Netscape team after AOL TW stopped its development–are doing: working on integrating and developing the AOL Communicator client, which started mainly as an enhanced e-mail tool, but may develop into a full-fledged messaging/newsreader client….

Update: According to a separate source, AOL will be relaunching the service as a subscription desktop tool and will be bundling their own content and that of other external content providers…this may be launched as a standalone or as part of its Broadband service/interface…

For more on Communicator client, read this story: “AOL Woos Subscribers with Communicator Preview“.

Also: read this story: AOL Flips Open E-mail Communicator.

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