InfoGate Bought Out By AOL


Update: Read this: AOL To Integrate It Within AOL Communicator.

This one caught me by complete surprise…the PointCast beast refuses to die…now it may come back and haunt us through AOL…

More to the point, InfoGate, the news push technology company which came out of the remains of PointCast, was bought out by AOL TW in March, according to this note by Anne Holland. AOL has retailed one business development executive from InfoGate and has also kept about 20 techies on board. What will it do with it? Good question. I think it may integrate it within the future versions of AOL, combining blogging tools which have already been released in beta and personal news portal [text, audio and video from its roster of content sources]…perhaps developing a desktop app combining all of these (or is that called IM?!)..I will find out more from AOL…

InfoGate was powering desktop news apps from, and others, which seem to have been discontinued for now…


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