How much is too much?

BusinessWeek’s Stephen Wildstrom says that electronics manufacturers should “lose the extras” on their DVD players, and that by adding Ethernet ports and DVD recorders to their players they’re just making things needlessly complicated for consumers. He’s right that Panasonic’s DMR-E60S is remarkably graceless in its operation, but we’re talking about a first-generation of high-end electronics that the average consumer is never going to spend their money on when they can just get a basic DVD player for $49 at Target. The early adopters usually know what they’re getting into, so don’t waste your time worrying about them, Stephen. Oh, and at the end of his column Wildstrom wishes that someone would come out with a TiVo with a DVD recorder. If he’d actually done his research, he’d know that Pioneer has one of those coming out later this year. Read… [Gizmodo]


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