Dilbert’s Taking the Funny Route to Subscriptions


Dilbert’s daily e-mail comic strip, which is going subscription, is taking a pretty funny route in convincing users to subscribe: in an e-mail to free subscribers, Scott Adams takes questions:

Q. Don’t you have enough money already, you %&#$@*? Why must you gouge us for things we expect to be free?

A. Actually, I do have enough money. But the people who manage the Dilbert web site and subscription service would like to feed their children and/or pets. And that means not operating at a loss. So unless you hate children and/or pets, I think you’ll agree this is a fair solution. All I ask is that before you rush to judgment, imagine their little faces.

Q. I’m still confused. Couldn’t you just take some of your money and give it to those kids and/or pets and leave us out of it?

A. Shut up.

And don’t miss the tour through the new subscription offering.

The subscription to Daily Dilbert and all other comics and extras costs $9.95 per year.

Thanks, Donn, for the tip.

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