Yahoo Platinum’s a Dud


Yahoo’s multimedia subscription service, Yahoo Platinum, launched with some fanfare earlier this year, has proved to be a dud…you know what it means when a CEO starts talking about a learning curve and all that jazz…

When CSFB analyst Heath Terry asked about the service in the conference call yesterday, CEO Terry Semel replied: “It was a real learning curve for us…we deliberately kept it low key and did not put a lot of resources. We wanted to see which [content categories] were doing well…we are testing a numbers of things: billing systems, etc. Not going to disclose our learnings, as those are our competitive advantage. Wonderful live opportunity for us, and in the future you will see more from us.” The company plans to keep working on video products, but hasn’t given any specifics..

Even Yahoo Europe’s head Mark Opzoomer admitted to the failure: “We’ve learnt a lot from the Platinum product in the States. There have been some very significant developments in the marketplace, and broadband is a very viable way of delivering content. It’ll take time for people to balance up their TV and PC consumption,” he said.

Some large grins at RealNetworks, for sure…

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