Van Dusseldorp/Europemedia Bankrupt


Well I had to interrupt my long weekend to bring you this: apparently, Van Dusseldorp, the Amsterdam-based digital media research company, which also runs the Europemedia and TVMeetstheWeb sites and a couple of big conferences, is bankrupt, according to this report in Dutch. The research firm, run by Monique van Dusseldorp, has been around for more than five years now, and became a fixture in the European digital media circuit—think of it as the Jupiter Research (the original one, which failed and then sold bits and pieces off to other companies) of Europe.

According to another story (which I can’t find online, but was sent to me in e-mail), the company, which had about 10 employees, had a debt of 240,000 Euro, and the Europemedia site survives as a volunteer effort. The company is in negotiations to ensure that some of its services to its clients can go on un-interrupted.

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