FT.com; BTClick&Buy; Shazam Get NMA Awards in UK


New Media Age, perhaps the only English-language magazine left about the online/digital media (all the U.S mags are dead..or are they?)–not withstanding the almost-dead Revolution— has announced its Effectiveness Awards for 2003. Among the winners:

FT.com, for the launch of its subscription service last year, under the “media” category. Comments: Deciding where to place the ‘veil’ beyond which only paying users have access is again a crucial consideration for online publications. FT.com decided early on that it would maintain a large segment of free content, with subscription content based on a range of compelling services, such as the Lex comment, that clearly distinguish the paper from its rivals.

BTClick&Buy, the content retailing/micropayments solution, which won two awards, for “Best new Business” and the “Grand Prix” award. Comments: The judges credited the fact that click&buy is a BT business as a major factor in its success so far, because the vast majority of the UK wired public implicitly trusts BT…already nearly a third of click&buy users are choosing to pay for the service through their BT phone bill, and that it has helped BT target a new customer base who wouldn’t necessarily choose to pay for Web-based content prior to the scheme’s launch.

Shazam Entertainment, which enables song identification through a mobile, for the most innovative product.

— And of course, the ubiquitous Mike Short, chairman of the Mobile Data Association and VP of UK telecom operator O2, for the “greatest contribution to new media” this year. Comments: His continual work in measuring the UK SMS traffic pays big dividends in promoting mobile across the mass media. And this year, for the first time, this has been extended to WAP, with flourishing monthly page impression figures proving there’s plenty of life left in that old dog yet.

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