One.Tel Launches Rival Multi-Media Subscription Service


The UK upstart One.Tel (though owned by a huge energy/telecom corporation), has launched what is perhaps the first UK-native multimedia subscription service, rivalling RealNetworks’ RealOne service for UK.
The new service, called One.Tel Premier Content, is priced at £6.99 a month, and will initially include access to MTV Live, The Tweenies, One.Tel Gaming, The Refresh Music Club, BBC News And Entertainment and Screensaver Movie trailers. More content will be added later…

One.Tel has also launched a separate online gaming service, priced at £2.99 per month, and users will also be offered the latest news and gaming related content.

One.Tel, launched in UK in 1998, has caused a lot of pain in the telecom and ISP industry in UK, mainly through undercutting of prices and some innovative services (I am a BT-to-One.Tel customer!).

This is perhaps the first salvo in a slew of other players to enter the UK market, including Yahoo–which already has the Yahoo Platinum service in U.S.–and is certainly more competition for RealNetworks. RNWK sells its SuperPass service for £9.99 a month. Of course, it has much more content at this point, with the added advantage of its big U.S. operations and content (and also add up the huge media player advantage?) but considering what One.Tel has done in the telecom and ISP market, expect it to be a tough and interesting days ahead…

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