The Anatomy of A Conflict


This is a follow up to my story on Andy Bourland buying out Adventive and MarketingFix. Seems like there’s some confusion…see MarketingFix’s own version and Bourland’s comments on his own site. I probably should have disclosed that I was mulling over the moderation of Adventive’s I-Wireless list …Bourland approached me on this and told me to keep this under wraps closer to their official launch date. [I hadn’t said yes, contrary to what Bourland says on his post; they hadn’t said yes to me…I wanted the list to focus on mobile content; Bourland wanted to focus it on mobile marketing…so we were supposed to talk sometime today, which was independent of the story being done on them]. No NDAs were signed…you can come back and say that it was understood…fair enough. But it was agreed upon that I will write it up

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