Tech Heavyweights Align for Swapping Digital Content


This is the real AlwaysOn Network…Seventeen of the largest computer, consumer electronics and mobile phone companies has aligned together under an umbrella of interoperability, open standards and digital rights.

Dubbed the Digital Home Working Group, the non-profit organization–which has blue chip names such as HP, Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Nokia, Philips, Samsung, Sony, among others–will build a platform through which digital home products will share content through wired or wireless networks in the home, while protecting the content from piracy.
According to Reuters, the working group had already agreed to make certain technologies de facto standards. WiFi, for instance, will be set as a wireless standard for the physical network, while other technologies have been selected for network protocols, device control and digital formats.

One element they have not yet agreed upon is how to set standards for DRM.

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