June 19, 2002: Where Are They Now, Year Down the Content Lane?


If there can be a Contentville, why not a content lane? Anyway, things as they stand, exactly a year after:

June 19, 2002: AOL’s still AWOL on revenues, despite a string of management changes.

RealNetworks launched its RealOne service in Europe a year ago, and is happy with the progress…it’s RadioPass service has been doing especially well in Europe, and now that it is firmly entrenched in the wireless content arena, with an announcement with Vodafone likely, and being the default player on Symbian devices. BBC is expanding its relationship with RealNetworks and would like to launch a subscription service for US users.

FullAudio, which received $13.5 million in funding a year ago, is surprisingly looking like an also-ran, even though it has an arrangement with ClearChannel…ClearChannel has not yet sorted out its own online strategy.

And then, the kiss of Judas, Fortune’s list of cool companies (which is not available online anymore, strangely): Pyra Labs, parent of Blogger, was consumed by Google, and is looking cooler by the result. Spring Street Networks, is still cool, even though online personals are now very mainstream…though some limelight is now being hogged by social networking/dating hybrids like Friendster, which may be the way for the future.

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