Where Are They Now, Year Down the Content Lane: June 18, 2003?


This is, as the title says not very imaginatively, a regular feature for some time to come, where I pick headlines from exactly a year ago, and see how things have changed a year down the road.

The first, June 18, 2002: yep, Salon’s not dead yet…this one is proving to be the Dick Cheney of the media world. With about three changes in ticker symbol in the last year, and almost the same iterations of fundings later, the site is chugging along. Grudgingly, it has been getting some good attention of late, mainly due to its excellent series on media consolidation. By the way, you can now join Salon.com for as low as a buck, as JD Lasica point out.

New York Times’ free e-mail tracker was doing well last year this time, but now it is a subscription product…you did read about it here first. Still early days. Its e-mail newsletters, including the excellent DealBook, still remain free, for now.

And yes, Vin Crosbie is still dishing out the criterion (Vin, ask them to change that “Got Milk?” pic now, will ya!).

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