Still (Dis)Content After All These Years


(or, A year down the content lane, the blueprint for the future…)

“Contentment,” said Luke. “A word which should never be spoken, only spat.” Yes, Luke pushed me into it. Blame it on Luke.

Exactly a year after launching this site, this experiment, this initial quest to get a better job is now a full-time business for me now. The site has evolved from just a bunch of links to what I consider a legitimate news site. Maybe this will last, maybe it won’t…some people have said that I am riding an upward curve, that is, the interest in paid content. Maybe. But then, the interest in making revenues online and in other forms of digital media will always remain.

contenttimesth.gifPrecisely the reason why I have launched two new sites, Moco.News on mobile content, and, on digital music. And I am also launching an umbrella brand, which will be the name of my company as well, ContentTimes (the brand is non-existent right now…I have the domain name…haven’t build the site–the diagram sums it up better). Under it will come all the three sites, and another site I plan to launch, plans on which are still a secret. I probably need to hire someone now, as it is not humanly possible to do all of these sites on my own, plus I could use some more tips on the biz dev part. If Nick Denton is thin media, I am definitely anorexic media….

I am planning on doing at least a couple of events later this year, one in London and one in NYC. And then, I plan to start an award, tentatively called the “Content Commerce Awards“, which of course requires a hell of lot of work…

And then the obligatory vendor database, and some sort of tracking database, details on which are still a bit fuzzy in my head.

All of this means I am probably competing head-to-head with some other established news sites and companies out there…not necessarily directly, but in some niche areas. As I have said before, I will out-blog and out-news anyone to death…my two tools, PC and a phone. That’s all. That is all a journalist needs…

If nothing else, I do believe that the weblog publishing tools have enabled the rise of the individual journalist-entrepreneur, away from the shackles of underpaid, under-utilized, under-appreciated jobs with formal media companies.

This is my screed…love it or leave it.

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