NYTimes.com Opens Up Its Archives for Userland Users

The New York Times has opened up its online archives for Userland users…Userland is a weblog publishing system, and founded by Dave Winer…no introduction needed on him. For some time now, there was a running fued of sorts between Winer and NYT about Times’ archives (1, 2, 3), which go behind a pay wall after seven days. After Winer’s consultations with NYT, the site will now allow Userland users to post links which will be live/free even after seven days. I am not sure how this works technically…this is what NYT offered: “We came up with a solution that allows Userland Software users to link to NYTimes.com without going through the archive.”

Userland is in a relationship with NYT for a year now: in April last year, NYT started offering its custom feeds to Radio Userland users, enabling them to annotate and link directly to stories on NYTimes.com.

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