Is Mobile Content Market Close to Fruitation?


Is the mobile content market closer to fruitation? Yes, but it will not reach critical mass this year, according to Avi Azulai, Group MD and Founder, iTouch, one of the biggest wireless content providers [Independent News & Media, the publisher of UK newspaper The Independent, owns about 49% of iTouch], speaking at the FT World Mobile Communications Conference, in London today.

More notes: For us, 25 percent of the market (downloading games etc) is when it reaches mass. That will have to wait for 2004. The turning point will be this Christmas.

Mobile content users have a very short term loyalty, though brand conscious. We are starting to see that girls are more interested in device personalization: screensavers, ringtones etc, while boys are interested in technologies.

The content players are now getting 60-70% revenue share (as opposed to less than 50% earlier), and this is the point where market takes off. Content/data players are now beginning to advertise. We just launched out TV campaign. The print advertising for mobile content will die out completely.

We launched love poems a few months ago: these are available free online: it is 20 percent of our traffic today.

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