The Dead Time Opportunity: The Future of Mobile Entertainment


Mobile is not about the music, gaming or TV experience in the world…it is about its ubiquity in the “Dead time”. So said Nikesh Arora, chief marketing offices, T-Mobile International, speaking at the FT World Mobile Communications Conference, in London today.

More notes from the session: Mobile entertainment will be those killer categories, which will drive a significant amount of revenues. The challenge is that there are too many players in our business: nightmare to make them work togther. The pace of response in our industry is 12-18 months.

The speed of innovation in the handset business is so quick, that it is hard to build a critical mass. For these entertainment servcies to work well, it is important to standardize any of the features into handsets.

Mobile sector will not compete with the cult of gamers: it will not be for gaming enthusiasts. However, if the mobile industry evens wants to come close to competing with gaming industry, we need to forget our differences and standardize.

Sharing the moment: mobile camera. Treasuring the moment: normal camera. Let’s not compare apps in mobile world to apps in the wider world. It is about converging experiences. The mobility element could bring a whole new set of behaviors we are not even contemplating today. There will be a whole new generation who will wonder what a fixed line looks like.

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