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WSJ, InfiniteAgent Launch News Bot has begun offering stock quotes and snippets of its news stories to users of AOL Instant Messenger, in an attempt to attract new subscribers to its site. The IM bot service, powered by InfiniteAgent, gives current news headlines and summaries, and stock quotes, when users send it an IM. Users can navigate through menus to sort headlines by region or section, and can click on the summaries to open the stories on the site — but only if a user is a paid subscriber to the site, that is. In addition to news and stock information typical of other bots — like ActiveBuddy’s recently relaunched SmarterChild — the WSJOnline bot has one unique feature: in-line advertising.

The move follows parent company Dow Jones’ attempts to break into the coporate messaging market, offering its newswires through Communicator enterprise IM. For more, read this story: “Dow Jones Gets The (Instant) Message“.