Loyalty Badges for Subscription Sites


Sports site Rivals.com has been doing some interesting experiments in loyalty clubs for subscribers. Bobby Burton, VP at Rivals.com, speaking at the Selling Subscriptions to Internet Content summit today in NYC, explained some of it: You have to ask for the order: people think selling subscriptions is a soft-sell…it is not. Refer-a-friend didn’t work for us…I am not sure whether it was execution or whether it was just not a good idea. Customer attrition: we decided to take all cancellations offline…they couldn’t do it online. We created an 800 number with three people. Taking it offline has some value for older customers.

Second thing we did was create Rivals.com rewards: a loyalty sign/badge, with a personalized logo on their own page (when they log in to the subscription site). This goes to different levels: different badges to different levels of members, depending on how long they have been with the services. Certain veteran members can assign a free month to friends. [Rivals.com is a very team-centric site, specifically on university sports…and hence the loyalty factor is very high].

Attrition rate this year: 2 percent.

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