The Dating Bubble


Yep, you read it right. Unfortunately, it is, much like the paid-listings market. And this has nothing to do with the market economics, and everything to do with cultural economics. People will not stop dating, but they will get fed up of using online services for dating…I already see it happening in New York City, where I am now for a week. When I lived here, back when Spring Street Networks was still Nerve Personals, and the listings were still on the edgier side, so to speak, things looked far more rosier. Now, it is just mainstream.

[On a tangential note, it does raise some interesting questions on the pricing models used by different dating sites, and how they interplay with how people decide whether to use one service over another…the credits model versus monthly subscriptions].

That is simplifying it a lot, I know, and there are layers and layers of nuaces to it, better left to be analyzed by a cultural anthropologist. Maybe I will expand on some of my theories down the line, but meanwhile, if you want to get a grip on why I am saying what I am, read this book, still as true as it was in 1922.

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