Will Wi-Fi Fly?


Barron’s Eric Savitz is once again doing what he is best at – bursting bubbles. This time he has Wi-Fi in his cross hairs. I found the piece, well pretty much like any other article on WiFi except it has a more skeptical tone. Which is good given that there has been too much hype around the technology. “In Silicon Valley, there’s a desperate search for a dramatic new… something. Something that will drive chip, hardware and software sales. Something that will create jobs and fill empty office buildings. Something that will pry open the initial public offering window. Something that will shake the tech sector from its three year funk. Now, there’s a spreading belief that the something just might be Wi Fi,” Savitz writes. “While sales of wireless devices are expected to soar in the next few years (see charts below), the segment faces growing competition, falling prices and shrinking margins — along with spreading hype. In a special supplement to its May edition dubbed “UnWired,” Wired magazine gushes that Wi Fi is a “street level uprising with the power to change everything.” Sound familiar?” I think Alan Reiter has a more sensible and logical take on everything, Check it out here.

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