Revenge of the Single

Ed’s Note: “Tying it Up” is a new regular tidbit which will keep a watch on trends, collating news and analysis from not just online content, but offline world as well.
Contention: The singles sales in the music business, after a few years of decline, may be in for comeback. Apple’s launch of a micropayments service, selling individual songs for 99 cents, may be the start
of a trend. Charging 99 cents for a chart topper is asking for a
fair value, and with the chart-driven music in dusty, this is the
way to go. Trends in the wireless content industry–with streaming and download of singles on cell phones–may also point to the future.

On an industry level, it may also be the kick-start micropayments services have been waiting for.

music could be a winner

45’s, Music Labels Push Market for DVD Singles

Great to Be Single

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for mobiles, the O2 way

service could be music to your ears


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