London clubs banning MMS?


Well this is something new – i was reading the Hindustan Times website and came across this little item which I thought was funny, given that there is such a huge demand for camera phones world wide. (Good Call Alan!) This is what the HT had to report – “mobile phones that can take and transmit photographs have been banned from a number of top London nightspots to protect the privacy of their celebrity clients.” Amongst those who have enforced this ban – Night club Tramp, restaurants The Ivy and Sketch and trendy hang-outs Home House and the Groucho Club – “have all warned that they would take action against all guests seen using multimedia messaging (MMS) phones. The Groucho Club in Soho has plainly told clients that anyone seen using the MMS would be forthwith ejected. The Ivy has written on its menu not to user phones at all.”

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