US wants bases in India

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There is this very interesting report on, which outlines that US is seeking naval, military and air bases in India. The news report is based on a classified US Department of Defence document and there has been some talk between the two countries and their military planners. I am quite impressed with what I read, and on the face of it, this makes complete sense. Indian Government can take the deal, make money off it since US leases bases and spends billions of dollars on those bases and surrounding economies. In addition, imagine how much reduction that would mean in terms of defense budgets because US desire to have bases in India is a move to checkmate Pakistan and China, two countries which worry India the most.

I think American Presence in India would deter everyone else who has nefarious designs. Lastly, it would finally bring the troika of countries under attack from terrorists – US, India and Israel – together. I am quite sure there will be some of those aging communits, misguided socialists and other nationalists in India will oppose this, but in many ways this is the best deal India can get.

Of course, Indians can refuse this deal, and perhaps get even more marginalized in the global power structure. As a closing shot, with US military presence in India would mean that most American companies who are outsourcing their back-office operations to India might feel more secure and perhaps carve out more business and parcel it to India. Imagine the economic benefits of this move.

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No comments.. this shows how stupid the author is.. How can you invite another country’s army to a occupy your country land?

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