SF vs NY – a reverse commute


In less than two weeks, I would leave my beloved New York for the second time. This time I have run out of options. With the worst job market in the history of publishing I am glad I have managed to secure a job and it is in San Francisco. It could be a lot worse.

For example, Atlanta or Boston or some god forsakes city. Anyway last trip to the city by the Bay was actually quite enjoyable. I have secured a beautiful apartment for less than my share of rent in New York. Did I say, it is in Pacific heights and it is a furnished one bedroom in a luxury building. So cannot argue with that. Another note – you can now not smoke in bars in New York, so i guess that is one thing which will be pretty much the same.

So being a New Yorker at heart and in spirit, I promise to not learn to drive – getting cabs is so easy now! And no chance of me going mountain biking or liking wine. I prefer mezzaluno. And talking about San Francisco – I left in October 2001, before the big eastward exodus began. Nick Denton moved out east, Peter Rojas came out east and so did several other celebrity bloggers. I remember reading this post from Nick, who actually slammed the city in an article in Management Today.

I could not agree more, but what a sweet irony – now it is back to San Francisco. Okay you cannot make me root for the Giants (though the Oakland As are pretty cool.) And god I will miss the Yankees. Well since they are likely to play the As in the play-offs, there will be some games I will have to see.

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