Analysis: Why Push Technologies Are Naive

Content interface companies (content-on-desktop, as Anne Holland puts it) like InfoGate, Serence and others are becoming more common, but will adoption happen? They are being touted as an alternative to online surfing and e-mail newsletters…what I would like is to have a comprehensive newsreader rather than these marketing tools and gimmicks. Here’s what you can expect in the near future: the integration of web browser, newsreader, e-mail and media player…Newsmonster is doing the first two, Opera browser is doing browsing and e-mail, RealOne is doing browser and media player (as is IE in newer versions). I am betting Opera will be the first one doing all four (though integrating a native media player will be difficult for them). Here’s what I suggested to RealNetworks recently: buy Opera. Think over it and you’ll realize the synergies of it….

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