NYTimes.com “Fixes” Its Archival Policy

New York Times has “updated” its archives access policy on its website. As first pointed out by Dave Winer, any old links to the sites’s stories will take readers to the premium archives page. Christine Mohan, the NYT Digital’s spokesperson explains this to me as: “NYTimes.com recently updated the access system for New York Times links and URLs so that it is now consistent with the access schedule for articles on NYTimes.com. 

All Times articles, links and URLs are now accessible for seven days, which
has been our policy since 2001. After seven days, they are available in our
paid Premium Archive. There are exceptions, such as content that resides
outside the archive wall (book and movie reviews, and travel content).

This schedule has always been our policy for feeds like “Add New York Times headlines to your site” that is a link at the bottom of every page on NYTimes.com. That user agreement states: “Unless otherwise permitted by NYT, you will… delete and remove any Content and related Hyperlinks from your Web site after a maximum of seven (7) days and not archive any Content for access by users at any future date after the Content has been removed from the your Web site.”

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