Details on Advertiser-Funded Micropayments System


A story on the launch of Pico-Pay, the news which I broke here first. The idea is a twist on the Ultramercial idea, where users are “forced” to sit through an ad, the technolgy which is being used by The key difference between Pico-Pay and most other systems is that buyers pay for content by viewing advertising material, just as they do when watching free-to-air commercial television, according to the company. Buyers can choose which adverts they view. Advertisers benefit from minimum-duration stays imposed by the system and they can set their own price for an ad. If it is too low, people might not select that ad; if it is too high, those with no interest in the product or service might be tempted to view it.

Pico-Pay is most appropriate for payments between US$0.10 and $2.00, and a 5 percent commission with a minimum of US$0.05 is collected by the company.

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