Can there be 2 much Wi-Fi


I have been in San Francisco for past week or so and have recently signed up for the T-Mobile Wi-Fi service. Quite nice and comfortable, even though having too much coffee is not doing my system any good. Nevertheless, it seems Wi-Fi is getting to be everywhere. There is this well written story from Wired News. It seems not many people are using Starbucks T-Mobile service. “At Starbucks, for example, only “tens of thousands” of customers are paying to use the company’s much-publicized Wi-Fi network, out of 22 million who file through the company’s stores every week, a company representative said,” Wired notes. I disagree – everyone who was sitting sipping lattes was surfing the web. I wonder what is going on? Is Wi-Fi mostly Silicon Valley phenomenon? I think Starbucks is going to eventually be successful with its Wi-Fi strategy, because the demographics are right. Come one, think about where you can meet two dozen slackers in one place. Yes, it is Starbucks. McDonalds, on the other hand is going to be flipping burgers for rest of their life.

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