German Site Broadcasting AND Charging for Feed


Addendum: The mystery is solved, or is it? (See Below) According to Ish company representative, who just e-mailed me: “Our cooperation with Al Jazeera is fruit- and trustful from both sides and based on a valid contract. We originally decided together to provide the stream for free; unfortunately the interest was so overwhelming, that we felt forced to cover part of our cost by taking a fee. This fee is very competetive for a 250k-stream. If there were any earnings from this, Al Jazeera would of course participate. Unfortunately this is not the case.”

My original post: Well, add insult to injury. A respected German multi-media news site has been illegally broadcasting Al-Jazeera arabic TV feed online for a while now…this is an open secret among the blogging community. What is not is seeing the heavy demand for this online, it has just started charging for it…it is using FirstGate’s Click&Buy technology to charge users Euro .10 per minute for it.

More: Following my story, the German division of Jupiter Media has also just followed up on it: according to the English translation of it, the Arab operators of the transmission do not see anything from the money, and the charge “is only for the covering of our cost price.”

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