Spam Free Email – Mailblocks


WebTV founder Phil Goldman has re-emerged with a new start-up, MailBlocks. It has tons of built in filters, and uses neat tricks that are based on whitelists. According to, “Before allowing e-mails through to your in-box, Mailblocks automatically transmits a numerical password to first-time correspondents. The senders must then retype the code into an onscreen dialog box before the system acknowledges them as legitimate. Mailblocks also has reverse-engineered a way to fetch a user’s messages from other Web e-mail systems and similarly screen out unwanted cyberjunk. ” Okay since MailBlocks is web-based this is much better than the filters with Hotmail (don’t work) or Yahoo (work when in the mood). (If you are looking for something similar that works with Outlook Express and Outlook on the desktop, try Mailfrontier, which is about 90 percent accurate. ) Kevin Werbach thinks this is worth it, and writes, “Goldman wants to do to Web-based email what Google did to search. Mailblocks focuses on core functionality and performance, rather than blasting users with ads. The price, $9.95 per year, is reasonable for what Mailblocks delivers.”

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