The murky truth about the Oscars


For the longest time I wondered how the nominations for best foreign films are included in the Oscar nominations. Well BBC, today has this fantastic article which rips the mask off the whole Oscar process. I am shocked to read that City of God, by far the best movie I saw this year missed out on a nomination. It is so good that it would teach Quentin a thing or two. After all he has appropriated so much material from Hong Kong Cinema and made it his own.

Another big disappointment is non-inclusion of the original UK entry, the Hindi-language The Warrior, which was rejected by the Academy. “The Academy ruled it ineligible because it did not recognise Hindi as a UK language – although it went on to win best British film at the recent Bafta Awards. The film’s producer, Bertrand Faivre, told BBC News Online that the Academy rejected it because the epic, shot in India, was not what they expected from an English film. “They just looked at it and said ‘it doesn’t look like an English movie the way we think an English movie should be’, and that’s it, I’m not sure they went beyond that,” he told BBC.

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